Mary Queen of Peace Primary School, Glenravel
Boy Trees

First Holy Communion

10th May 2018


Congratulations to our First Holy Communion class.  Everyone at home and in school is so proud of you.  We hope you enjoyed the day and that you will remember it forever.

Thank-you to everyone who helped prepare the children:  their teacher Mrs Gormley; Fr Lyons; all of the staff; Mrs McDonald, Mrs Agnew and the Y5-7 children for the music; the PTA and the Y3 parents for their assistance with the catering; Mary McAuley for the flowers; and Cormac O'Loan for driving the minibus to the church.

On First Holy Communion Day we can really see that this is a special community and a real partnership between the school, the church and the families.

Enjoy the photos.

Img 0411
Img 0381
Img 0405
Img 0407
Img 0383
Img 0384
Img 0385
Img 0386
Img 0387
Img 0388
Img 0389
Img 0391
Img 0392
Img 0393
Img 0394
Img 0395
Img 0396
Img 0397
Img 0398
Img 0399
Img 0400
Img 0401
Img 0402
Img 0403
Img 0404
Img 0406
Img 0408
Img 0409
Img 0410
Img 0057
Img 0059
Img 0060
Img 0061
Img 0062
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Img 0064
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