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Grandparents' Day

1st February 2019


Catholic Schools’ Week finished with our annual celebration of Grandparents’ Day on Friday 1 February (St. Brigid’s Day).

Grandparents, parents and family members joined us for mass and following mass, we all returned to the Parish Centre.  On a cold winter’s morning everyone was delighted to enjoy a lovely warm cup of tea and the treats provided by our PTA.  We would like to thank the PTA and Anthony Cotter, who were up early on Friday morning to prepare the tables and catering, so central to the day’s success.

After a cup of tea everyone got an opportunity to look at the children’s work which adorned the walls.  The children, in every class, told the grandparents how much they loved them in words and pictures.

This year’s celebration of Grandparents’ Day was marked with a special Grandparents’ Assembly, presented brilliantly by Mrs McLouglin’s Y7 class.  It wasn’t possible for all of the pupils to be in attendance at the assembly but Mrs McLoughlin’s class wouldn’t let a little problem like a split site school stump them.  Instead, they recorded every child in the school in a specially commissioned film which was played to their grandparents as part of the assembly.  Thank-you Y7.

This was our third celebration of Grandparents’ Day and a fantastic event in our school calendar.  Thank-you to everyone who helped make the day such a success.  It was a whole school community effort as it should be, because that is what Catholic schools are all about.  Thank-you to our parents for their assistance with transport, to our friend Fr. Lyons and finally to our very special guests – the MQP Grandparents.

Enjoy the photos and the film. 

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Grandparents' Day 2019
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Grandparents' Day 2019
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Grandparents' Day 2019
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Grandparents' Day 2019
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Grandparents' Day 2019
Grandparents' Day 2019
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