Mary Queen of Peace Primary School, Glenravel
Boy Trees

Growing Club Day 5

15th May 2019


The weather was certainly on our side for the penultimate day of Growing Club! Today the children were excited to get out and explore what has been growing since our last session. The potatoes have grown particularly well – Marlene was so impressed with how well the children have been looking after them.  We told her it was the great Glenravel climate that works a treat! The children have had to make sure they water the plants and flowers more regularly now in the warmer weather, and this was the first thing they set off to do today. With everything watered, next on the list was planting 11 different types of herbs.  Marlene explained to the children what each herb could be used for and the children were able to smell each plant. Finally, the children checked if there were any signs of the wildflowers beginning to appear around the path. They also checked in on their ‘bug hotels’ and were delighted to see lots of mini-beasts! The children then carried out a litter pick around the garden and path area. It’s amazing how quickly the rubbish gathers – but Primary 5 were even quicker at making it disappear! See if you can spot what some of the boys found hiding in the grass!

We are all looking forward to our last Growing Club in June when the children will get to sample the potatoes and herbs they have been growing. Enjoy the photos from today.

Mrs Duffin

Class Teacher

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