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School Council Getting MQP Ready for Term III

4th April 2018


The School Council were very busy at the end of Term 2, as they prepared for the final term.

First up they helped compose a definition for bullying for the Foundation Stage (Y1-2), Key Stage 1 (Y3-4) and Key Stage 2 (Y5-7).  This was first class work and we have used the children’s definitions to create an Anti-Bullying Policy for our new school.  We will issue information on the new policy to all of our families at the start of term.  The teachers will also work with the children in class and at assembly on the important subject of anti-bullying.

Our School Council have also got buddy stops and buddy benches introduced into the school to help children who may need a little support at playtime.

Finally, the Council have been working with Mrs McConway to design special Worry Boxes where the pupils can share any concerns they have with the Principal and Vice-Principal.  The school has also (as a result of feedback from Parent/Pupil/Staff surveys in Term 1) introduced red Good New Boxes.  This will allow the children to post good news to the Principal and Vice-Principal about things that are going well/their positive achievements in school and outside of school.  We believe this is very important in creating a happy atmosphere in school, where the children know they can achieve and also thoroughly enjoy their curricular and extra-curricular experiences in MQP.

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