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Year 5

Primary 5 have had a busy term! Our theme is ‘Being and Belonging’ and the children have been researching different facts about Glenravel. We researched facts on the tornado in Glenravel and linking our theme to our writing genre, the children created a newspaper report on it. There are certainly some budding journalists in Primary 5! The children also researched facts about the iron ore mines, in school and at home, to give an insight in to what life was like in Glenravel many years ago.

Our next piece of newspaper report writing will be based on our current class novel, Matilda. We are looking at the six steps of writing, which begin with familiarisation (becoming familiar with what a newspaper report looks like) and end with independent writing, where the children will write their own newspaper report. We have three more steps to complete our report.

In ICT, the children have been using Scratch to programme their Sprites to make three 2D shapes. They have had to learn how to command the Sprite to draw a particular shape, to de-bug when something doesn’t go the way they want it to and add in extras like backgrounds to their work.

Primary 5 have had the opportunity to engage in lots of role-play activities through guided reading and also events such as Anti-Bullying week and Road Safety week. Each child has tried their very best to take on the role of another person and this is something the children have really enjoyed and engaged in. We were very lucky to have had a visit from local author and story-teller Liz Weir. She told the children some of her own stories and really got them thinking about how they too can be creative in their writing. Which brings us nicely on to reading! I am so impressed with how Primary 5 have taken to the Accelerated Reading Scheme. I can see how much more enthusiastic the children have become in their reading both in school and at home. I hope they continue to enjoy and improve their reading skills.   

P5 & Mrs Duffin

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