Mary Queen of Peace Primary School, Glenravel
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First Holy Communion

13th May 2017


Congratulations to the boys and girls in Primary 4 who made their First Holy Communion.

It was a wonderful day for everyone – children, parents, grandparents, family, parish and the school.  We hope the children enjoyed their day with their family.

Everyone at school is proud of the children for the way in which they prepared for the sacrament and for the reverent and respectful way in which they celebrated their First Holy Communion.

Thank you to Fr Lyons; Mrs Gormley and her assistant Karen; Miss Rodgers and the choir for the music; the school’s staff, PTA and parent helpers from the Y3 class. 

This was our first Communion class in Mary Queen of Peace PS and a very special day for our school.

Enjoy the photos.

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Img 89581
Img 89601
Img 89621
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Img 89671
Img 89681
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Img 89741
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Img 89781
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Img 89491
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Img 89521
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