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Fresh Little Minds Graduation

11th June 2021


Today all our children from Primary One to Primary Seven have graduated from the Fresh Little Minds RELAX programme. Over the last eight weeks, they have all been working very hard following the Relax programme which embeds the AMBER approach for Resilience. The AMBER approach for Resilience is completely unique as it integrates a range of different methods which support healing processes, strengthen children and restore wellbeing. At the start of the programme each child received a passport which represented the individual and collective journey the class embarked on. The passport was designed to help reinforce the positive messages that the children were learning.

Throughout the programme the children have learned about the need to connect with yourself and others and think about the Anchors in their life; the people who make them feel safe. The children learned about the importance of Moving to unblock and release stuck energy. They discovered that their Breath is their superpower as it helps reduce worry and tricky feelings. The programme also taught the children that they should Express their feelings to thrive and finally the children learned the importance of being able to rest, restore and Relax, to help their mind and body heal.

The children have all really enjoyed participating in the Fresh Little Minds programme this term and have learned many valuable approaches to help deal with tricky feelings and building resilience. Congratulations everyone!

Mrs O’Mullan - PDMU Co-ordinator

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