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3rd October 2020


Hallowe'en isn't going to be the same this year and unfortunately we cannot have a social event for the children.

We just have to get creative and try something new! This year we are going to have a Hallowe'en Scary Scarecrow Competition. Families are invited to create a scary scarecrow, which they will display in their garden.

This will be a PTA fundraising event, with a £5 entry fee for each scarecrow in the competition. Please send the £5 entry fee in a sealed envelope with Scary Scarecrow Competition marked on the front with your own name, by Friday 23 October. We would ask you then to email the school a photo of your scarecrow so that the PTA can judge the scarecrows. There will be a Hallowe'en hamper for the best scarecrow by a Cargan school pupil and the best scarecrow by a pupil on the Martinstown site. The winners will be announced on Friday 30 October:

Winning hampers will be delivered on the 30th October...just in time for Hallowe'en.

We have included some scarecrow ideas below. There is plenty of thinking and making time between now and Hallowe'en. Good luck!

🎃Candy Treat Bowl 🍭Swizzles Trick or Sweets 🦇Delicious Yummy Gummy 🍬Millions Rope 🍡Monster Twist Marshmallows 🌩Halloween Candy-floss 🥤Hogwarts Drinks Bottle ✏️Hogwarts Pencil Case 🖍Scented Markers 🎲Family Ghost Chase Game ⚰️Garden Tombstone 📽Spooky Projector ☠️Skulls Money Tin 🧟♂️Trick or Treat Sign 👁Bouncy Eyeball ✨Light up Spider Web 🧙🏼♀️Spooky Door Cover 🐵Monkey Mask 🎃Light up Pumpkin 🕸Spider Web 🕷Creepy Posable Spider

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