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Learning at Home Pack II

24th March 2020


Learning at Home Pack I was distributed on Friday 20 March to provide work for the children in the period leading up to Easter. Quite a number of parents e-mailed to say thank-you for this work. The school’s staff really appreciated this. Thank-you. I would add that none of the pupils e-mailed to say thank-you!

Learning at Home Pack II

The staff have prepared a second pack of work for the 5 weeks after the Easter holidays (20.04.20-22.05.20). It will contain a 5-week timetable for parents to guide the children’s learning during this period; as well as worksheets and booklets. Tests for the Y6 children will also be available (with answers). We will also guide you to online learning opportunities as well as trialling work with Google Classroom (KS2: Ys 5-7). The website will also provide you with additional guidance. This will include a physical activity programme for the children (post Easter) as well as parental guidance on keeping children safe when they are online.

Events, as you well know, are changing rapidly and daily. Therefore, to ensure that Learning at Home Pack II is with you to begin work after Easter, we will issue you Learning at Home Pack II on Wednesday 25 March (Martinstown School). Please see the timetable below for collection:


Collection Time


9.00 a.m.


9.20 a.m.


9.40 a.m.


10.00 a.m.


10.20 a.m.


10.40 a.m.


11.00 a.m.

In order to observe the strict social distancing rules, we will have a procedure in place in school for collecting the materials. Only adults can collect the Learning at Home Pack. No children should enter the school at this stage. Please go to the front doors of the school, which will be open and operated on a one person in, one person out system. Staff will collect all packs you require and hand them to you. Thanks for your cooperation on this and helping us to ensure social distancing.

When you are collecting the work, please also pick-up work for siblings at this time. If you are unable to collect work, then please contact the school and I will deliver the pack to your home.

The pupils’ work should not be returned to the school and you will understand the reasons for this at this time. Marking of work is a parental responsibility.

Learning at Home Pack III

Forward planning is needed at this stage to manage learning during the final weeks of term. At this point in time, people may not be able to leave their homes. As a result we will provide you, through the school’s website, with a timetable to guide weekly learning for this period. This will direct you to resources previously distributed (e.g. tests, spelling booklets) as well as online learning opportunities.

Best wishes and keep safe,

The staff of Mary Queen of Peace PS

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