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Memories Are Made Of This!

15th March 2023


Today, the primary 7 pupils were invited to the Community Hub to have a chat with the senior members of the parish for a 'Memories are Made of This' workshop.

Here are a few snippets of what some of the children took from their day out...

I was very grateful for what they had organised for our lunch. It was very tasty indeed. Everyone was nice and they took their time with us and told us a lot of facts about the olden days. We even got to hear a record player playing a record!

Cahal McKeown

Before we left, we got to see some old phones, and other everyday essentials that would be irrelevant today!

I thoroughly enjoyed my time today.

Kian O'Hagan

We learnt lots of things such as why the wireless is called a wireless, about the amount of money it took to buy things and the cruel punishments teachers did back then, only to name a few!

Pearce Higgins

We heard some funny stories and even heard a song being played on a record player!

Overall, it was a great experience. Thank you to everyone involved in the workshop from all of primary 7.

Isla Birkett

One of the things I found really interesting was that whenever they bought a bottle of lemonade from the shop, after they had drank the lemonade they could leave back the glass bottle the lemonade came in and they would be given 3 pence as a reward!

Senan Hughes

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