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Post-Primary Transfer

9th June 2021


Parents who had applied online will be able to login to the EA Post-Primary Application from 9 a.m. on Saturday, 12th June 2021 to receive the outcome of their child’s application.

Key messages for Parents

Accessing the EA Post-Primary Application

Parents can log in to the online portal via the EA website link, using their registered email address and password. All users will be emailed prior to the notification date so that if they need to they can reset passwords in advance. The first few hours will be the busiest period and parents may be placed in a queuing system. They may wish to consider trying at a less busy time.

Parents need to make sure they are logging in via the correct link. This is a different system to the Pre-school/P1 online application which some parents may have previously used when applying for younger children.

Logging in

Ø Use Google Chrome or any supported browser (remember Internet Explorer does not support this App)

Ø If they are unable to log in successfully, please encourage users to ensure their email address and password have been entered correctly. Remember many people have more than one email account so parents must log in with the same one they used registered on the system.

Ø Users can reset their password by clicking the ‘Forgot password’ link. EA staff cannot reset passwords. If the email address entered is registered, users will receive an email with a link to complete the reset.

Ø If users do not receive an email when resetting their password it is likely because they didn’t register on the post primary application portal with this particular email address (otherwise check junk mail and social media folders within the email account).

Contacting EA

EA’s Admissions Helpdesk is open from 9am to 5pm on Saturday 12th June via

Telephone: 028 9598 5595 Email:

Staff will be available throughout the day and will endeavour to assist parents. Lines are expected to be very busy, we would seek parents to be patient, and for them to be considerate when they do speak with our staff. We do understand that this can be a very distressing time for children and families when the placement news is not what has been hoped for.

While we will try to assist everyone, it is important for parents to remember that decisions on admissions are made by individual schools rather than the EA. Admissions staff will not be able to identify why a child has not been offered a place by a particular school(s).

It has been our experience that the majority of parental queries can be answered via the detailed website information and we would ask you to signpost parents to both these key messages and to the website information at, where from Saturday, 12 June information will be accessible on:

- Making further preferences if a child has not yet been allocated a post-primary place;

- Appealing the decision of a Board of Governors not to admit a child;

- Changing preference to an:

o Over-subscribed School

o Undersubscribed School;

- Making a new application where a parent has not previously applied for a post-primary place.

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