Mary Queen of Peace Primary School, Glenravel
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Record Your Thoughts in a Time Capsule

13th May 2020


For lots of reasons this is a time which will go down in history. As many of you probably know, through being involved in 'Glenravel Beats Corona' or via social media, there is the opportunity to record your experience of this time and have it sealed and kept in a time capsule, which will be opened again in May 2035!

If any child in our school would like to take part in this project then you are invited to write, draw, take a photo to express your thoughts and feelings about this time. Please place them in a sealed envelope with your name and details on the front of the envelope. If you wish, they can be left with Mrs Mc Keown at 2 Lignamonagh Court, Martinstown by Saturday 16th of May. Please place them in the box at Mrs McKeown’s door and she will pass your work on to the organisers before Sunday’s closing date.

Good luck.

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