Mary Queen of Peace Primary School, Glenravel
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SENTINUS Pupil of the Month

1st June 2020


One of our most successful initiatives during the school closure has been the SENTINUS STEM Challenges which take place every Monday, Wednesday and Friday (see the information sheet below). P5-7 have been doing the challenges for weeks and P3-4 have recently joined in too.

We need scientists and in MQP we are starting them early. Congratulations to the latest winner of SENTINUS Pupil of the Month, from schools all across the North (we had a monthly winner earlier in the year too). Our latest winner is ably assisted by his equally brilliant brother or as he prefers to be called 'lab partner'.

Keep going with the challenges. There is a wee bit of a contest building up with a few other schools and a bit of competition will help us push the boundaries of science!

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