Mary Queen of Peace Primary School, Glenravel
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Townlands' Project

1st May 2018


The school is working in partnership with Glenravel Historical Society on a Townlands’ Project.

We would like the pupils to know which townland they live in, the origins of its name and for the children to able to locate their townland on a map of Glenravel.

The first part of the project is a questionnaire, which the children will complete with their families at home.  Questionnaires will be distributed at assembly later this week, one per family for pupils in Primary 5-7.  You will then have the Bank Holiday weekend to complete your homework – no excuses!  Please return the questionnaire by Thursday 10 May 2018.

We are very excited about this project and the school looks forward to working in partnership with the Glenravel Historical Society.  This was a project the late Shaun McLaughlin wished to see up in running in the primary school and we would very much like to honour his memory.

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