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World Book Day 2020

20th February 2020


World Book Day takes place on Thursday 6 March and we have a number of activities lined up for the children, which will take a little planning so let’s make an early start.

The children will dress as a character from a favourite book (so plenty of thinking and stitching to take place over mid-term); as well as reading sessions, where our senior pupils in Ys 6/7 will read to the infants in Ys 1/2.

In MQP we always like to try something new, so this year we are going to have Reading in Unusual Places for World Book Day. We would ask you to take photos (or selfies) of the children, their parents or family members in far off places around the world reading a book in an unusual place. We have a few suggestions below but this is Glenravel and we know how creative you are and that you can come up with even more unusual places to read!

Please start e-mailing the photos to We have not officially launched the Reading in Unusual Places for World Book Day with the pupils just yet but there is no need to wait for World Book Day, you can start right away. Mid-term is as good a time as any. Good luck!

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