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Year 5 Shared Ed Trip to the Ulster Museum Tuesday 17th December

19th December 2019


A real mummy!

The Ulster Museum has a motto...Explore, Engage, Enjoy and that is exactly what we did today.

We had a super day visiting the Ulster Museum with our Camphill friends. The Ancient Egyptian exhibition was extremely fascinating. The children got to see real canopic jars, amulets and much more. The highlight, of course, was getting to see a real mummy, named Takabuti.

We visited the 'Learning Zone' where Ms Fitzpatrick tested our knowledge on the life and works of the Ancient Egyptians...she was mighty impressed with everything we knew. She also allowed the children to see different Egyptian artefacts up close and personal, a real treat!

Enjoy the photos.

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Img 0499
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Img 0495
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